Voice Lessons

Learn How to Sing through Private Online Voice Lessons

Do you want to take online voice lessons with me? Awesome! You can study voice lessons with me from anywhere in the world via Skype – a free video-chat computer software that let’s you and I see and hear each other. All you need is a webcam, headphones/speakers and a microphone. Most laptops and personal computers already have all that built-in. Having the right vocal coach is crucial in helping you meet your specific vocal needs. Together we will develop your voice to its highest potential safely and naturally. Our goal is to give you a voice free of any tension or manipulation.

One-on-one instruction is the best way to see results for students of all levels and abilities; beginners to advanced professionals. Each individual Skype voice lesson is customized to fit your unique voice type, range and style.

Our one hour private Skype voice lessons are video recorded using a screencast software. A downloadable video file will be available for you to download minutes after your lesson is completed. You can then continue to practice whenever you want.

It will not hinder your progress if you have never taken a Skype voice lesson before. In fact, you may progress faster without having previous knowledge about other vocal techniques. There is more than one way to teach singing. Your voice is totally unique to you! It requires a customized approach to your vocal development.

If you would like to take Skype voice lessons, contact me for a list of open lesson times. Voice lessons are available from 4PM to 8PM EST (UTC-5) Monday through Friday! Let today be the day you seize your vocal freedom!

Thumbnail Options DescriptionPriceQuantity
Online Skype Voice Lessons - one-lesson One Lesson

One hour private online voice lessons are only $150/each.

Online Skype Voice Lessons - 4-pack-of-lessons 4 Pack of Lessons

Save 10% when you purchase a pack of 4 lessons.

Online Skype Voice Lessons - 4-lessons-month-subscription 4 Lessons per Month Subscription

Save 20% on each lesson when you subscribe to weekly lessons. An initial payment of only $960 will be due at checkout. This amount includes your first month and last month subscription payment. A recurring payment of $480 will be automatically processed through PayPal at the beginning of each 4 week cycle.


Singing Lessons
via Skype

Video screen recording of the whole lesson
Comfort & convenience in your own home
30 minutes of exploration & mastery
30 minutes of performance & stage presence

Voice Lessons
via Skype

During your private online voice lessons, we release old habits, break through limitations and give you access to your best voice possible. All singing lessons are recorded into a downloadable video file for your future practice.

Songwriting Lessons

Whether you are an experienced songwriter or new to songwriting, I can help guide you to write your next song. All private songwriting lessons are recorded into a downloadable video file for your convenience.


Are you in the Nashville, TN area? Do you need an on-location studio buddy for an upcoming recording? Together, we will walk through your songs line-by-line to ensure that you achieve your best vocals during your recording.

Voice Lessons

Based on the most frequently asked questions from my students over the years, I created over 14 hours of downloadable MP3 voice lessons called the Total Voice Method. Download your first voice lesson today for FREE!

Interested in taking lessons? I’d love to hear from you!