Vocal Producing

On-location In-studio Vocal Producing in the Nashville Area

Are you preparing for an upcoming studio session in the Nashville, TN area? Recording vocals in a studio environment can be really stressful. You have a limited amount of time to record your best vocals and performance! Giving it your all take after take can be grueling on your voice.

Why not protect your sound and your vocal cords? Save time and precious vocal energy by scheduling me as your in-studio vocal coach.

If you are in the Nashville area, I will accompany you to the studio on the day of your recording. We’ll then work together in-studio to ensure that you sing with your best vocals and most engaging performance. Our focus will be to help you protect your voice throughout the day. This will include exercises to do between takes. It will keep your voice flexible, balanced and strong.

If you are interested in making the most of your studio time, please contact me with a list of what you’re looking for. This would include the days and times you’ll be in-studio and your studio’s location. We’ll then provide you with a custom solution.

Vocal Producing
in the Nashville Area

Nashville area in-studio vocal producing
Prepare one-on-one with proper warm-ups
Stay loose & flexible take after take
Help with storytelling and performance

Voice Lessons
via Skype

During your private online voice lessons, we release old habits, break through limitations and give you access to your best voice possible. All singing lessons are recorded into a downloadable video file for your future practice.

Songwriting Lessons

Whether you are an experienced songwriter or new to songwriting, I can help guide you to write your next song. All private songwriting lessons are recorded into a downloadable video file for your convenience.


Are you in the Nashville, TN area? Do you need an on-location studio buddy for an upcoming recording? Together, we will walk through your songs line-by-line to ensure that you achieve your best vocals during your recording.

Voice Lessons

Based on the most frequently asked questions from my students over the years, I created over 14 hours of downloadable MP3 voice lessons called the Total Voice Method. Download your first voice lesson today for FREE!

Interested in taking lessons? I’d love to hear from you!