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Doug M.

Your input and expertise are invaluable

Words cannot fully express how grateful and appreciative I feel to have received this vocal evaluation so promptly. Your input and expertise are invaluable and I am so excited to begin this process. To answer your question that you asked in the beginning of the video, my voice is the source of my HEART!! This came to me immediately and firmly stayed with me as I contemplated the question. For me, every time I sing I feel that it reveals my heart in the most deepest and profound ways that speaking alone could not do. It allows me to be vulnerable to my audience and if I get out-of-the-way can touch them in ways that speaking words could not do. I hope that this answers your question. I will work diligently on the exercises and continue to review the video until I can arrange a voice lesson which I’m hoping I can do in the near future. I do have some questions but would like to hold onto them for the lesson and I hope to work with you again soon. Thank you again!

Lynne B.

My voice has improved so much

I have been watching your channel on YouTube for about a month or so and my voice has improved so much just by the instruction you give. I am amazed at me. You have a real talent for explaining things so clearly and vividly. I have a long way to go to be where I want to be, but I feel like I have come really far in a short time. I will continue to watch and learn. Thank you for the instructions and encouragement so much! You are a God send!

Sarah D.

You gave me so much confidence

Thank you so much!!! I was smiling and giggling through out the whole video! (for some reason I couldn’t get the video to load whatsoever, so I just listened!) You gave me so much confidence, and I am so happy I got a professional opinion! All of your advice is embedded in my memory. Literally. I just HAD to know for sure if I am anywhere close to singing well… or my friends were all little liars. (they’re not which is great)

Thank you for your time and I will practice those breathing techniques and fix some of those sad notes! You’re absolutely wonderful. The video was beyond what I was expecting for $40! I believe in myself a lot more! I hope you have the best week! Thank you again!!!


You have wonderful positive energy!

Thank you so much for your in depth evaluation!  You can bet that I will be watching your video multiple times. I watched it this evening and tried out some of the exercises with you. I can’t believe how much thinking of creating some space in the soft palate gives me so much more freedom already. I will definitely keep that in mind now when I am practicing – I hadn’t ever really given much thought to raising/lowering the soft palate. I am going to keep practicing and I will get back to you soon!


Exactly what I was looking for

I am so glad I decided to do this.  Your comments and assessment were exactly what I was looking for. You were able to articulate what I think I suspected were some of the things that were holding my voice back, and I believe you’ve given me the tools to hopefully be more confident so that I won’t need to hide behind my ode-to-Kurt Cobain sunglasses anymore. 🙂 Thanks so much!

Ethan T.

Thank you from the top of my heart!

You are my favourite teacher. You literally saved my life. I have a real voice again, for the first time since probably my whole life!!!! I’m in shock, I feel totally different and real. I’m so grateful! Thank you from the top of my heart!

Brian A.

Love your spirit, passion, beauty, and energy

Hope that you are doing well, and thriving. I have just finished going through your recent video. Good stuff.👍 Thanks so much for your sage advice, relevant feedback, and helpful instructions–much appreciated (as always). You’re beautiful, my dear. You are moving me forward. I so appreciate your awareness, sensitivity, and intuition, coupled with admirable knowledge and gifted communication. You are special, my dear. A precious and ideal gift, indeed.😊

I will continue to work with this material, with a view to achieving more freedom, release (and relief), and authenticity,😉 bringing true honesty and real believability to my music. Of course, will check in again.

Again, love your spirit, passion, beauty, and energy. Be well, my dear. Be happy. Big warm loving hugs!

Synthia F.

I really cannot express my gratitude enough

Thank you so much. You are, by far, the best voice teacher that I know of and I have checked out many. You should be (if that is a desire or goal) the biggest and most successful out there. If you need any help in marketing or a testimonial from me, please let me know.

I have come to the conclusion, as harsh as it is, that those who do not know that they are doing should not be teaching because students of voice are often introverted or confused and can be led, early on (like myself, now 51 years old) to believe that they are not able to sing when that is not true. That is a crime, especially when it is such a personal passion that could have led somewhere but instead the ability lies dormant through lack of proper training and a huge amount of useless mental clutter that was never necessary in the first place.

I appreciate all the time that you have taken to fully understand the mechanics of the voice. That information, applied, is invaluable. I have also come to realize that there IS truth that is black and white and no amount of theories change those truths. I believe that you, more than any other teacher, have dissected and ferreted out those truths. You communicate them eloquently and so clearly that, like a laser, it sears through all the murky data (of which there is a plethora) and gets down to the TRUE basics. I really cannot express my gratitude enough.

Matthew F.

You’re the best! Thank you SO much!

Wow. That was so helpful and went into a depth of ideas I never would have found on my own. I will be working on everything you gave me. Everything made sense and I think I was picking up on the sensations in the mouth and head you were referencing. This is definitely exciting.

Aside from the excellent content, it’s my favorite thing ever to meet other people who are totally IN what they’re doing, whatever it is, to the point where it’s practically exploding out of them. Totally get that vibe from you; it’s really special. Thank you again for putting so much genuine effort and care into this.

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