Original Music

Original Music by Madeleine Harvey

There you are, singing your heart out into the biggest hairbrush you can find. The audience roars as you put on the performance of a lifetime! Of course, it’s only a game of pretend; featuring you singing into the mirror for an audience of one.

In this game, music has a way of showing me who I really am. It connects me to the truer, deeper, more authentic parts of myself. The more I write and play, the more I meet myself. My music is a way to explore all the facets of my inner world, and claim parts of myself that even those closest to me have never met. When I’m writing music, I can be the sassy, unapologetic me. I like her. She can be dangerous. She knows what she wants; says what she thinks; and isn’t afraid to be seen. She’s like Velma Kelly meets Tinker Bell. And I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Music can make you feel like a star! That feeling is where it all begins!  And that’s the thrill of songwriting for me. It’s the ultimate game of dress up. With just a little imagination and a spirit of adventure, you too can step through the mirror and become your own hero!

Ask Yourself If
You Ever…

Feel sassy, mischievous & little dangerous?
Love to dance in the dark hues of jazz & blues?
Want to get lost in a good lyric or storyline?

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