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Proudly providing online voice lessons since 2006

Just like you, I started with a dream. I could see myself strutting my stuff at the Grand Ole Opry like Reba McEntire! Even as a little girl as I sang into my hairbrush, I was sure we were going to great friends! I always felt that I had star potential in me…somewhere. The problem was, I hadn’t quite learned how to use my voice with confidence. So, I did what any kid on a mission would do; I listened to the radio and tried to mimic my favorite artists. If they could get to the top with a sound like that, so could I…right?

It seems like the more I tried, the more frustrated I became. So I took voice lessons and studied and studied and studied. Years later, I wasn’t any closer to that voice I knew was inside of me. All those lessons just made my singing voice “pretty”. (That’s music biz slang for lacking personality and power.) I always thought that the best way to practice singing is to mimic the sounds of other artists or my voice teacher. No wonder I felt like I was singing with someone else’s voice…it was! I had never learned how to find my own true voice. I was too busy mimicking the sounds heard from others. And that’s loony; considering everyone’s voice is so different.

After all those years of private voice lessons and lots of fancy schooling in NYC, I decided to forget everything I had ever learned and start over. This time I would find that roaring, powerful, confident, sassy voice that I knew was inside. I got to thinking about why so many people become frustrated with the results of their years of study. I spoke to my friends and fellow performers. Some of whom had become so frazzled and confused, that they were ready to give up their dream of singing all together. My mission was clear – to develop a system that would help anyone find their unique singing voice. It was then that the Total Voice Method was born.

Voice Lessons
via Skype

During your private online voice lessons, we release old habits, break through limitations and give you access to your best voice possible. All singing lessons are recorded into a downloadable video file for your future practice.

Songwriting Lessons

Whether you are an experienced songwriter or new to songwriting, I can help guide you to write your next song. All private songwriting lessons are recorded into a downloadable video file for your convenience.


Are you in the Nashville, TN area? Do you need an on-location studio buddy for an upcoming recording? Together, we will walk through your songs line-by-line to ensure that you achieve your best vocals during your recording.

Voice Lessons

Based on the most frequently asked questions from my students over the years, I created over 14 hours of downloadable MP3 voice lessons called the Total Voice Method. Download your first voice lesson today for FREE!

Interested in taking lessons? I’d love to hear from you!