Singing Tips

Before we get started on our journey to artistic greatness, here are a few tips that will keep your mind focused, your body relaxed, and that little critic that lives inside of you in check!

1. Start Small

A little bit goes a long way! A few minutes of concentration is BY FAR more productive than singing a song over and over and over again, just reinforcing the same mistakes. If you want to create big change with your voice, narrow your focus. Focus on one thing at a time. And just watch how that tiny change will dramatically shift your entire experience of your sound. In voice, everything is connected. Be completely present with your sound. Take your time through this process, and move at a pace that is comfortable and consistent. Consistency is so much better than perfection. This approach will dramatically change your experience of your voice…I promise.

2. Choose to Feel Good

There will be times when the voice will make a sound you weren’t expecting. It may wobble, shake, break, squeak, and just about every other sound you can imagine. That’s ok!!! Let it be. Observe it, experience it, but don’t judge it! Give yourself permission to freely experience your voice, and notice what you notice in your body. And yes, that goes for when you “think” you sound bad too. A good singer understands that the sound is the result, but the feeling of the voice is what creates that result. The days of squeezing, tensing, pulling, pushing, and bullying the voice to make it sound the way you’d like are over. If you want to experience first hand how awesome your voice can be, then choose to feel good while you are singing. A simple feeling of relief goes a really long way!

3. Let Go

Right away we are supporting an attitude of “letting go” in lessons. The fear that your sound may not be perfect. Let it go! The overwhelming need to sound just like one of your favorite singers…let it go! The fear that others may not like your real sound…let that go too!

Any need like this creates blocks, and those blocks keep your real sound locked inside of you hidden from the world. Release your limits by releasing your expectations. Allow your voice to surprise you! Embrace all the qualities within your sound. Even the ones that feel like imperfections. Often times those imperfections are what draws people in, and makes them fall in love. Be willing to make a mistake. Singing, and performing is expressive. And all expression must flow. So don’t worry about it, forget about how you may feel you “need” to sound. And leave a little space for your voice to blossom. This will get you out of the head, and into the body. The more you let go, the more trust you will have. The more trust you have, the more confident you will be. And the more confident you become, the more willing you are to share yourself with the rest of the world!

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