Happy Singers

Joy and I are so grateful for all of Madeleine’s help and hard work in helping Joy with her recent audition. She got the part! And she did it with Madeleine’s amazing guidance, talent, and love. Madeleine constantly amazes us with her ability to bring out the best in others. We love you Madeleine!
Michelle & Joy Sohn
Voice Students / West Palm Beach, FL
Madeleine thank you so much for such an interesting and informative lesson. I think you are absolutely amazing at what you do and highly professional. I can't wait to become a better singer with your help,
Sara Jones
Stage Actor / West Palm Beach, FL
Thank you so much. You are, by far, the best voice teacher that I know of and I have checked out many. I have come to the conclusion, as harsh as it is, that those who do not know that they are doing should not be teaching because students of voice are often introverted or confused and can be led, early on (like myself, now 51 years old) to believe that they are not able to sing when that is not true. That is a crime, especially when it is such a personal passion that could have led somewhere but instead the ability lies dormant through lack of proper training and a huge amount of useless mental clutter that was never necessary in the first place. I appreciate all the time that you have taken to fully understand the mechanics of the voice. You communicate them eloquently and so clearly that, like a laser, it sears through all the murky data (of which there is a plethora) and gets down to the TRUE basics. I cannot express my gratitude enough.
Sindy Fagen
Singer/Performer / Chicago, IL
I look up to my voice coach Madeleine. She has taught me how to sing well, and has turned into my best friend. I started studying with Madeleine when I was eight – I’m 12 now, and I have improved a lot since then. She is always nice to me when she’s teaching me something new, but she pushes me to always do my best. Thank you! Even though she is my vocal coach, she is my friend. Madeleine, you are the awesomest person in the whole world! If you want to be the best singer ever, call my friend Madeleine. You’ll have to excuse me, I have a lesson to attend now.v
Amelia Haymond
Voice Student / Boynton Beach, FL
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