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Hi! I’m Madeleine Harvey

I’m a West Palm Beach voice teacher. I love honey and biscuits, the color green, the smell of cinnamon, the sound of a banjo, the feel of a homemade quilt, and listening to good ole’ fashioned country music!

west palm beach voice lessons studio Since 2006, I’ve been teaching musical artists and entertainment professionals how to explore and strengthen their truest voice! Every artist is different, and needs an approach to their vocal development that is as unique as they are. Our one hour private voice lessons and songwriting lessons are video recorded in our West Palm Beach voice lessons studio. Click the picture to the right to see it. A downloadable video file will then be sent to you as a DropBox link so that you can continue to practice whenever you want.

Just like you, I started with a dream. I could see myself strutting my stuff at the Grand Ole Opry like Reba McEntire! Even as a little girl, I was sure we were going to great friends!

I always knew that I had star potential in me…somewhere. Problem was, I hadn’t quite learned how to use my voice with confidence. So I did what any 14 year old on a mission would do; I listened to the radio and tried to mimic some of my favorite artists. If they could get to the top with a sound like that, so could I…Right?

It seems like the more I tried, the more frustrated I became. So I took voice lessons – and studied and studied and studied. Years later, I wasn’t any closer to that voice I knew was inside of me. All those lessons just made my voice “pretty.” In the music biz that means that it lacks personality and power. What was worse is that it didn’t feel like it belonged to me at all!

Eventually I realized why…I always thought that the best way to practice singing is to mimic the sounds of other artists or my voice teacher. No wonder I felt like I was singing with someone else’s voice…I was!

Madeleine Harvey West Palm Beach Voice TeacherI hadn’t learned how to find my own voice. I was too busy mimicking the sounds I was hearing from others. Well that’s crazy; considering everyone’s voice is different. After all those years and lots of fancy schooling in NYC, I decided to forget everything I had learned and start over. This time I would find that roaring, powerful, confident, sassy voice that I knew was inside me…somewhere.

This decision got me thinking about why so many people become frustrated with the results of their years of study. Many become so frazzled and confused, that they just decide to give up their dream of singing all together.

Since 2006, I have been helping music artists and entertainment professionals, like you, tap into their most authentic voice. Our time together is designed to free, strengthen, and master your entire voice. Together we explore all areas of your instrument. We uncover habits that could be holding you back, and work to reveal that special sound that belongs only to you. This approach develops sensitivity to how your voice feels to you.

When your voice feels good, the natural result is complete confidence in yourself, and what you have to say. The result is that when you sing or speak, you know it’s coming from an authentic, meaningful place inside. Your sound becomes completely original to you – no need to mimic anymore.

West Palm Beach Vocal CoachWatching a singer’s voice come alive brings new meaning to the word “singing.” It’s not just about learning to sing pretty notes, or becoming the best vocalist there ever was. Singing is about delivering a performance that is filled with who you are and what you can offer. That is what makes you memorable.

If you have a dream for your voice, and can imagine all the places it will take you, I’d love to help!

I applaud you for taking the next step on your musical journey, and for reading this entire page all the way through! I can’t wait to meet you, and learn all about your singing goals!

P.S. I’ll save you some honey and biscuits!

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