In today’s video, we’re going to be talking about the ULTIMATE singing secret – How to go from mediocre to amazing! So by the end of the video, it’s my hope that you will be experiencing music in a whole new way!

The Ultimate Singing Secret

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So what is the Ultimate secret to becoming an amazing singer? Well, it all boils down to this one essential thing…energy. The music business is a business of people. And what people want when they listen to, or go to see live music is the feeling that they are making a connection in a deep, real, meaningful way. They don’t want to just be sung at, they want to be moved, uplifted, excited, and alive. I know I have extremely high expectations with what I want my musical experience to be. And that is nothing short of spiritual. No matter what genre I am listening to, I want to be transported to a whole new level of existence! I will be so forgiving of a technical mistake, a missed note, a break here and there. But when a singer disconnects from the music by becoming overly critical, or attempting to over sing due to the need to impress. That’s it. I’m done. If it aint true…I’m through. Simple as that.

I think that as a society, we have become a little too obsessed with sound. We lust after a quality of sound that may not necessarily be authentic, or shaped by our emotions…but hey it sounds just like Christina Aguilera! Isn’t that good enough? Not even close. You could have an amazing sound, but it don’t mean nothing if you don’t infuse that sound with every single bit of who you are.

Singing in this way is what vulnerability and courage is all about. Making the choice to be present and alive in every moment. In order to get to this point, you must let go of the idea that your voice “should” sound a certain way. Surrender to the music. Allow your voice to reveal itself to you. Be a professional feeler!

Here are three ways that you can tune into your energy while you sing

1. Practice feeling your song, by placing your hands on your solar plexus and just being there with the music. Listen to the instruments. Let all thought go…and really have the experience. Don’t mentalize what you think you are trying to say, don’t criticize your sound, just feel it. The best way to connect emotionally with the audience is to stay connected to yourself. Move us by being moved yourself. Don’t SHOW us an experience, just have one. We will be sharing that experience together. When you learn to operate from this kind of stillness, you will KNOW you did well. You will feel the authenticity of the expression, and you will no longer NEED to be validated.

2. Practice in front of a mirror. But don’t just pay attention to your voice, watch your eyes also. After all the eyes are the window to the soul. And just like your voice, your eyes should communicate the subtle impulses of thought and emotion. It’s not acting…it’s not trying to show anything…just be willing to actually have the experience with the music.

3. Allow your voice to be fragile. By that I mean, completely sensitive to what you are feeling. Entirely shaped by your experience. When you tell someone “I love you” do you notice your voice soften, or the quality change. You don’t say it like a robot on a pitch. So don’t sing it that way. Your shifting feelings will determine your approach to your voice. So just be honest. I’ve never trusted a perfect voice. I always thought it was like a musical mask. I LOVE it when someone’s voice is affected by the emotion that they are experiencing. Insta tears for me!

Now, I’m not suggesting that this energy practice replace areas of development like vocal technique. In fact, the two work together beautifully. I’m suggesting to you that you continue to activate, explore, and strengthen all areas of your voice so that they are familiar, accessible and safe. But leave room for the authentic, raw, expressive potential of your thoughts and emotions. And make that energy release just as important as the quality of your sound.
The purpose of this video is to simply filter through all the “Shoulds” of performance so that you can stay connected to why it is you sing. Because it feels good. It makes you feel alive. It connects you with yourself, and the rest of the world.

There you have it folks! The ultimate singing secret- How to go from mediocre to amazing! This video was made with love just for you! So I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please feel free to give it a thumbs up and click the subscribe button below for more vocal and performance tips. And if you are interested in taking lessons together please feel free to visit my website at to get started. I can’t wait to hear you sing! See you next time!

  Mar 04, 2016

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