Today’s video is a response to Darrius M. He writes, “I sing mostly pop and pop rock and I want to add lots of power and edge to my tone. Are there any really good exercises that I could do or add to my warm up that would help me?”

How to sing with more power and edge

Thank you for your question, Darius! I hope this video helps you with learning how to sing with more power and edge. Please keep in mind that these are advanced singing topics. If you do not have the proper foundation of practice in place, you could hurt yourself. This kind of lesson would best be done with a vocal coach. If you are interested in taking private voice lessons with me, I offer them face-to-face at my studio or via Skype Voice Lessons. Should you have a video that you would like me to review, I also offer vocal evaluations through my website: Vocal Evaluaitons.

Thanks for joining me today. I look forward to hearing you sing!

  Mar 14, 2016

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