West Palm Beach Voice Lessons

West Palm Beach voice lessons include:

Video recording of the whole lesson

Live sound studio environment

30 minutes of exploration & mastery

30 minutes of performance & stage presence


Private Voice Lessons


4 Private Voice Lessons (Automatic Billing)

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Automatic Billing – We offer a $40 discount to any student who signs up for our automated monthly billing package. This service includes 4 private voice lessons every month. A recurring payment of $240 will be automatically processed through PayPal at the beginning of each 4 lesson cycle. More →

“I love to teach singers who have a deep desire to communicate and can see themselves pursuing a career within the music industry. It is my passion to empower artists to take command of their dream, and pursue their goals with confidence. Having a voice that is strong, as well as, authentic is the best tool any entertainer can have.”

Private Voice Lessons

Having the right vocal coach is crucial in helping you meet your specific vocal needs. In our voice lessons we will develop your voice to its highest potential safely and naturally. Our goal is to give you a voice free of any tension or manipulation.

One-on-one instruction is the best way to see results for students of all levels and abilities; beginners to advanced professionals. All West Palm Beach voice lessons are customized to fit your unique voice type, range and style.

Voice Lessons Studio

west palm beach voice lessons studioOur one hour private voice lessons are video recorded in our West Palm Beach voice lessons studio. Click the picture to the right to see it. A downloadable video file will then be sent to you as a DropBox link so that you can continue to practice whenever you want.

The best way to improve your voice is by hearing what it will sound like in a live setting. For this reason, the vocal performance section of your West Palm Beach voice lesson will include live sound through our studio PA speakers. We’ll be working with microphone technique and showmanship.

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It will not hinder your progress if you have never taken a voice lesson before. In fact, you may progress faster without having previous knowledge about other vocal techniques. Either way, there really is no one way to teach anyone how to sing. Your voice is totally unique to you! It requires a customized approach to your vocal development.

If you live in the West Palm Beach area and would like to take private voice lessons with Madeleine, contact her for a list of open lesson times. Voice lessons are available Monday through Friday from 4PM to 8PM EST! Let today be the day you seize your vocal freedom!

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