Songwriting Lessons in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Songwriting Lessons include:

Video recording of the whole lesson

Help with music, lyrics and melody

Work tape recorded in our studio

songwriting lessons

Songwriting Lessons
(4 Lesson Pack)

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“A songwriters music is the most intimate, personal, and profound expression of who they are. Having the vocal freedom to express all that you intended to is just as crucial as the words themselves.”

Songwriting Lessons

Are you an aspiring songwriter in the West Palm Beach area? Are you looking to improve your songwriting craft? Madeleine’s one-on-one songwriting lessons in West Palm Beach are a unique service that walks you through each of the key areas of the songwriting process one step at a time.

Madeleine will meet with your for a total of 4 songwriting sessions. Each time you come together, you’ll develop another layer of your song. When your 4 songwriting lessions are over, you will have a song written, recorded, and ready to present to a producer. This is called a work tape.

Songwriting Lessons Studio

west palm beach voice lessons studioOur one hour songwriting lessons are video recorded in our West Palm Beach voice lessons studio. Click the picture to the right to see it. A downloadable video file will then be sent to you as a DropBox link so that you can continue to practice whenever you want.

Our sessions are organized into these 4 key areas. Please note that the order in which we work through these areas may change based on your specific song. Here’s what you’ll work on with Madeleine:

Music – Chord progression, tempo, strum pattern & groove
Melody – Timing, phrasing & rhythm
Lyrics – Storyline, movement & word choices
Recording – Creating a finalized work tape for submission

You’ll learn how to get all these areas working together to complete an effective song. Songwriting one on one sessions are video recorded for you to continue developing your song in between sessions.

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If you live in the West Palm Beach area, and would like to take songwriting lesson with Madeleine, contact her for a list of open lesson times. Songwriting lessons are available Monday through Friday from 4PM to 8PM EST! Let today be the day your inner songwriter shines through!

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