iPaternity – A Paternal Testing App for Your iPhone or Android device. Here’s a fake funny commercial my husband and I just put together.

iPaternity – A Fake Funny Commercial

Ok, so my husband and I were on a plane a few months ago when we saw an episode of Maury Povich’s talk show. The highlight of the show centered around whether or not some guy was the father of some kid. This got us thinking that there really should be an app for that. It would make things so much easier. With that being said, the idea for doing a fake funny commercial was born. Who’s your daddy?!

NOTE: This is not a real app, because that would just be too weird. 🙂

Background music during Mommy’s power walk is from The Music Bed; “Song Mercy, Lord, Mercy” by The Soldier Story.

  Jan 08, 2016

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