Lesson 12: Essential Vocal Warm Up

vocal warm up

Lesson 12:
Essential Vocal Warm-Up

Number of Tracks: 17 | Length: 45 minutes
Track Filetypes: mp3 | Download Size: 32 MB

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Lesson 12 Track List

#Track NameLength
2Lip Trill Intro1:34
3Lip Trill Exercise3:36
4Lip Trill Piano3:14
5Tongue Trill Intro2:30
6Tongue Trill Exercise4:04
7Tongue Trill Piano3:32
8MAH Slide Intro2:01
9MAH Slide Exercise3:08
10MAH Slide Piano2:22
11HUH Siren Intro1:39
12HUH Siren Exercise3:05
13HUH Siren Piano2:44
14NG Siren Intro1:56
15NG Siren Eercise3:22
16NG Siren Piano2:55

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Vocal Warm Up Lesson

Welcome to Madeleine Harvey’s “Total Voice Method”, Lesson 12: Essential Warm-Up. The objective of this download is to take you through a complete warm up session. These exercises are designed to relieve pressure on your vocal cords.

What to Expect in this Voice Lesson

This lesson today is a big one, so we broke down into 3 parts – Balance, Build and Release. This three part approach, Balance, Build and Release, offer the best techniques you can use to crank up your vocal power.

Relaxed Vocal Cords

It is very important to allow your sound to be what it is during a warm up, even if it feels really wobbly or shaky at times. This will allow your vocal cords the rare opportunity to work freely without any squeezing or pushing from other muscles.

Smooth Transitions

We’ll be building more flexibility and freedom throughout your entire vocal range. This will add consistency and smoothness to your transitions.

High and Low Pitch

We are going to be moving very high in pitch and very low in pitch. If we move into an area of your range that feels uncomfortable for you, simply stop. Return to exercise again when the pitch feels more comfortable.

Recommended Use

This downloadable voice lesson should be listened to at a time and in a place where and when you can dedicate your complete attention. This program is not meant to be used when you are operating heavy machinery, motor vehicles or anything that could be labeled as a device, please use your own discretion while participating in this lesson.

Do not attempt to sing if you are sick or if your throat or vocal cords feel strained. If you are experiencing chronic inflammation or suspect you may have any kind of vocal disorder please consult with your doctor prior to participating in this lesson.

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