Lesson 10: Develop Your Vocal Endurance, Part 2 Vocal Aerobics

develop vocal endurance part 2 vocal aerobics

Lesson 09:
Develop Vocal Endurance
Part 2 Vocal Aerobics

Number of Tracks: 24 | Length: 96 minutes
Track Filetypes: mp3 | Download Size: 67 MB

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Lesson 10 Track List

#Track NameLength
2What is Stamina4:43
3The Inhale4:41
4The Exhale4:08
5Breathing Patterns5:55
6HA Staccato Intro1:10
7HA Staccato Exercise3:38
8HA Staccato Piano2:43
9HA Staccato Double Intro2:18
10HA Staccato Double Exercise 5:49
11HA Staccato Double Piano 4:43
12HA HEE HO Intro1:44
13HA HEE HO Exercise5:40
14HA HEE HO Piano4:42
15HOO Octave Intro1:31
16HOO Octave Exercise4:01
17HOO Octave Piano 3:14
18MAH MAY MEE Intro2:32
19MAH MAY MEE Exercise7:20
20MAH MAY MEE Piano6:16
21MAH Interval Intro2:04
22MAH Interval Exercise6:06
23MAH Interval Piano5:21

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Vocal Aerobics Lesson

Welcome to Madeleine Harvey’s “Total Voice Method”, Lesson 9: Develop Vocal Endurance, Part 2 – Vocal Aerobics. This downloadable voice lesson is the second half of a two part series. If you have not gone through “Part 1” yet, please download it from our website on your next visit.

Whether you’ve gone threw Part 1 or not, you will still benefit from continuing on with Part 2’s exercises now. In this second part, we will be focusing on high-energy training techniques. You’ll learn how to eliminate physical and vocal fatigue, and how to maximize your performance stamina. This is going to help you easily sing vocally challenging songs while maintaining high levels of energy and enthusiasm.

What to Expect in this Voice Lesson

Discover the Feeling

These exercises will be asking you to draw your attention to the tiniest of sensations in your body. Your imagination is going to help you notice these subtle feelings.

Go Easy on Yourself

Don’t push! Allow yourself to feel the natural flow of your breath and sound. Never sacrifice your inner sense of relaxation for an end result.

Have Fun!

Vocal liberation is not meant to be work. It is meant to be an exploration of your very own awesomeness. Explore your voice, and give yourself permission to experience the fullness of your amazing natural sound.

Recommended Use

This downloadable voice lesson should be listened to at a time and in a place where and when you can dedicate your complete attention. This program is not meant to be used when you are operating heavy machinery, motor vehicles or anything that could be labeled as a device, please use your own discretion while participating in this lesson.

Do not attempt to sing if you are sick or if your throat or vocal cords feel strained. If you are experiencing chronic inflammation or suspect you may have any kind of vocal disorder please consult with your doctor prior to participating in this lesson.

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