Lesson 05: Unlock Your Vocal Power

Unlock Your Vocal Power

Lesson 05:
Unlock Your Vocal Power

Number of Tracks: 19 | Length: 63 minutes
Track Filetypes: mp3 | Download Size: 45 MB

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Lesson 05 Track List

#Track NameLength
2Body Scan2:44
3The Jaw4:02
4HUH Slide Intro2:46
5HUH Slide Exercise4:16
6HUH Slide Piano3:19
7HUH AH Slide Intro1:48
8HUH AH Slide Exercise5:10
9HUH AH Slide Piano4:04
10MAH Arpeggio Intro1:12
11MAH Arpeggio Exercise4:59
12MAH Arpeggio Piano4:19
13HUH Siren Intro1:51
14HUH Siren Exercise4:08
15HUH Siren Piano3:19
16MAH Octave Scale Intro2:33
17MAH Octave Scale Exercise4:44
18MAH Octave Scale Piano4:00

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Vocal Power Voice Lesson

Welcome to Madeleine Harvey’s “Total Voice Method”, Lesson 5: Unlock Your Power. This downloadable voice lesson is all about tapping into the amazing power of your natural voice. We will be focusing on unlocking jaw tension. This is awesome, because you will instantly begin to feel the real power of your voice with hardly any effort at all.

What to Expect in this Voice Lesson

Weird Noises

We are going to making a lot of free, sliding sounds in this lesson. So give yourself permission to allow your voice to relax. Your voice may wobble and break. Please don’t judge yourself. Allow breaks to happen. We are freeing your voice from muscle control.

Use Your Hands

You will be asked to use your hands a lot in this lesson. It’s so important that you play along. This will help you feel the release of your jaw and help the muscles there stay relaxed.

Feel the Ease

Stay concentrated on the feeling of ease when we release our sound through a relaxed jaw.

Have Fun!

This is not meant to be work. It is meant to be play. So give yourself permission to let go of your voice and let go of all expectations. If you feel the need to laugh and giggle at yourself, go ahead. This is supposed to be fun.

Recommended Use

This downloadable voice lesson should be listened to at a time and in a place where and when you can dedicate your complete attention. This program is not meant to be used when you are operating heavy machinery, motor vehicles or anything that could be labeled as a device, please use your own discretion while participating in this lesson.

Do not attempt to sing if you are sick or if your throat or vocal cords feel strained. If you are experiencing chronic inflammation or suspect you may have any kind of vocal disorder please consult with your doctor prior to participating in this lesson.

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