Downloadable Voice Lessons

Learn How to Sing at Your Own Pace with Downloadable Voice Lessons

Are you interested in downloadable voice lessons? Would you like to learn at your own pace; in the comfort of your own home? Well, you’ve come to right place!

The Total Voice Method offers over 14 hours of singing instruction. It’s a 12 lesson audio program designed to help free your natural voice. The entire downloadable voice lesson system can be downloaded now as mp3 audio files. These do not include video, just audio. They can be played on your phone, tablet or computer and practiced when and where it is convenient for you.

Each of the 12 lessons is about an hour along. The first part of every Total Voice Method downloadable voice lesson teaches you how and why specific techniques are important. The second part of each downloadable voice lesson gets you applying these techniques in your singing. You’ll learn how to identify and release common limiting behaviors. You’ll then install new behaviors that’ll contribute to a stronger, healthier vocal instrument.

Below is a list of topics covered by each voice lesson, how many audio tracks are included and the amount of time it will take to complete each lesson. Also listed below are sample audio sound bites from each downloadable singing lesson, so you know what to expect.

Lesson 01 – Free Your Voice is a FREE DOWNLOAD. It’s 46 minutes long, and will help you free your natural voice.

Lesson Name # of Tracks Length Sample
Lesson 01 – Free Your Voice 19 46 Minutes
Lesson 02 – Extend Your Vocal Range 19 50 Minutes
Lesson 03 – Create a Richer Singing Voice 23 68 Minutes
Lesson 04 – Tame That Terrible Tongue 20 63 Minutes
Lesson 05 – Unlock Your Vocal Power 19 63 Minutes
Lesson 06 – Align Your Sound 17 61 Minutes
Lesson 07 – Breathing Techniques for Singers, Part 1 The Inhale 16 69 Minutes
Lesson 08 – Breathing Techniques for Singers, Part 2 The Exhale 19 75 Minutes
Lesson 09 – Developing Vocal Endurance, Part 1 Distance Training 20 88 Minutes
Lesson 10 – Developing Vocal Endurance, Part 2 Vocal Aerobics 24 96 Minutes
Lesson 11 – Read, Aim, Sing! Vocal Power & Projection 24 104 Minutes
Lesson 12 – Essential Vocal Warm-up 17 45 Minutes

Voice Lessons

Over 14 hours of audio instruction
12 individual voice lessons
Download & listen at your own pace
Free and develop your natural voice

Voice Lessons
via Skype

During your private online voice lessons, we release old habits, break through limitations and give you access to your best voice possible. All singing lessons are recorded into a downloadable video file for your future practice.

Songwriting Lessons

Whether you are an experienced songwriter or new to songwriting, I can help guide you to write your next song. All private songwriting lessons are recorded into a downloadable video file for your convenience.


Are you in the Nashville, TN area? Do you need an on-location studio buddy for an upcoming recording? Together, we will walk through your songs line-by-line to ensure that you achieve your best vocals during your recording.

Voice Lessons

Based on the most frequently asked questions from my students over the years, I created over 14 hours of downloadable MP3 voice lessons called the Total Voice Method. Download your first voice lesson today for FREE!

Interested in taking lessons? I’d love to hear from you!